Arthur Langerman
Arthur Langerman
Natural Color Diamonds


Founded by Stefan Langerman, PhD. in Antwerp, Belgium, Langerman SPRL specializes in natural color diamonds. And its commitment is to continue the legacy of Stefan’s father, Arthur Langerman, a pioneer in natural color diamonds since 1959.


Arthur commenced his training in an Antwerp diamond-cutting workshop at the age of 15, where he first started cutting and polishing diamonds. Before long, he became fascinated by natural color diamonds, and started collecting them at a time when they were underappreciated by the industry.  Without a precedent to follow, Arthur manufactured nearly all his goods from the rough and experimented with innovative cuts that would intensify the natural color of diamonds, setting the standard practices of the field.


This has made Arthur the world’s leading specialist and rare expert in natural color diamonds, and his long time clients include Graff Diamonds, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, and Boodles & Dunthorne. His distinguished collection has been on exhibition for the "Diamanti" exhibition in Rome and the "Carat, Couleur & Création" exhibition at the prestigious Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels, which prompted the Belgian Royal Family to request that he become the Jewelry Expert for the Crown of Belgium.


Langerman SPRL is dedicated to curating and sharing Arthur’s remarkably extensive collection of all hues, sizes, and shapes. Contact us to learn more about our expertise and unwavering devotion to natural color diamonds for the past sixty years. Become a collector of a rare treasure today.